hair brush

hair brush

Hair brush is one of the products of Taheri Plast, which we intend to fully examine here.

Taheri Plast started its activity in 1993 in Tehran with the aim of developing the country’s manufacturing industries and providing quality services to customers. And today, thanks to God, it is one of the leading companies in Iran in the production and distribution of plastic products for cosmetic purposes, such as hair brushes and pocket mirrors.

Hello, Welcome to Taheri Plast website. In the following, we will professionally review the hair brush product and the items listed below. We hope to be able to provide good advice in this regard for you dear ones.

What is a hair brush?

The hairbrush often consists of a bunch of soft or hard needles that are used in hair care to straighten, style, adorn and remove hair knots. You can also use a hair brush to style your hair with a hair dryer and iron.

Flat brushes are commonly used to straighten hair at different times, such as after sleeping or after showering.

And round brushes are used to style and curl hair, especially by a professional hairdresser using a hair dryer.

Handles, series and needle brushes can be made of different materials such as metal or various types of thermoplastics, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will mention in the following.

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The history of the hair brush starts from the comb. The combs have been found by archaeologists at Paleolithic excavation sites around the world, dating back to ancient man-made tools. The combs were carved from bone, wood and oysters, and Trimming hair and preventing pests such as lice were used.

Gradually, these combs developed into a decorative hair tool used to display wealth and power in countries such as China and Egypt. It was from this wealth show that the cousin shrugged! “Hair Brush” was born.

History of combs and hair brushes
Shoulders discovered by archaeologists

In 1777, William Kent founded the Kent Hair Brush Company in England, which became the first known manufacturer of hair brushes. The company makes its brushes from wood and hair, which are usually made of hair and animal feathers. More than 240 years later, Kent still holds the title of “oldest hair brush manufacturer”.

Kent logo and company in 1777
Kent logo and company in 1777

As the industry grew in the UK, new and improved products continued to grow in other countries, such as the United States, and several entrepreneurs helped produce these products, including Hugh Rock, an American designer who designed a collection of brushes Patented in 1854. And Samuel Fire, whose invented brushes date back to 1870 and had not only natural hair but also metal and plastic needles and teeth.

Types of brushes based on material type

Combs and hair brushes are classified based on their material.

Metal comb brushes (metal needle)

These brushes have plastic handles and metal combs or needles, and the tips of the combs are usually slightly rounded to prevent damage to the scalp.

One of the advantages of these brushes is that they do not generate static electricity during use.

Disadvantages of these brushes include rusting of the needles and in some cases damage to the scalp.

In the following, you can see the adult brushes and metal combs produced by Taheri Plast.

Samin metal comb brush
Samin metal comb brush
Samin metal comb brush
Samin metal comb brush
Victoria Comb Brush
Victoria Comb Brush
Victoria Comb Brush
Victoria Comb Brush

Plastic brushes

Plastic brushes are made entirely of plastic. So that the material of the handle and the needle part of the brush are also made of plastic material.

There are no disadvantages of the first category brushes in these brushes, and for this reason, Taheri Plast uses plastic materials in the production of some children’s brushes, so that the customer has the right to choose and be completely satisfied with the product.

In the following, you can see the pictures of children’s brushes and plastic combs produced by Taheri Plast.

Flora plastic comb brush
Flora plastic comb brush
Flora plastic comb brush
Flora plastic comb brush
Linda Plastic Comb Brush
Linda Plastic Comb Brush
Linda Plastic Comb Brush
Linda Plastic Comb Brush


Hair brushes are used in combing hair for all people in the community at all ages.

Many brushes are produced and each of them has different applications such as straightening hair, opening hair, drying hair, removing dandruff, volume, styling and curling hair and almost eliminates the need for different types of hair.

Hair brush is a personal hygiene tool and everyone needs to have a hair brush to use it for hair and scalp hygiene.

Brushing the hair
Hair brushing

Advantages of using a hair brush

In addition to untangling hair knots, brushing hair has other benefits that we will mention below.

  • The hair brush stimulates the scalp and massages it, this may strengthen and increase hair growth.
  • Helps to remove weak and loose hair (this is why hair gets stuck in your brush)
  • Brushing spreads the natural oil of the scalp down the hair shaft.

Just remember to clean your hair brush after use and do not use too much hair brush.

How to produce a hair brush

The steps and production process of the hair brush are not very complicated, although all the production steps of this product may be different in appearance, but in practice and technically they are quite similar. And the slight differences in the stages of this process are due to differences in the performance of technology advances and the like.

Plastic injection method is used to produce this product.

In this method, first the plastic material in the form of powder or granules is placed in the injection machine and at the temperature of more than 150 degrees Celsius, it becomes a liquid paste. In the next step, this liquid is injected into the mold by pressure and after cooling inside the mold, it becomes solid and finally the formed plastic is removed from the mold.

The most important part in this process to produce a quality product is to melt the plastic material and inject it into the mold.

For more information on this, see How to Make a Hair Brush (Click).

Raw materials for brush production

The raw materials for the production of the brush body (handle and series) include ABS, polystyrene and heavy polyethylene, and plastics and metals are also used for the production of the brush needle.

In the following, we will examine these materials:


ABS is a thermoplastic polymer with an amorphous structure. ABS plastic is one of the most widely used and popular raw materials due to its reasonable price and balanced mechanical, thermal and chemical properties.

The benefits of ABS include:

  • Resistance to impact, scratches and cracks
  • Appropriate stiffness
  • Has a quality level
  • Suitable thermal strength
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Ability to plating without much trouble

Polystyrene (GPPS)

Polystyrene is a synthetic aromatic polymer made from styrene monomer. And it is divided into three types: normal, durable and expandable.

Taheri Plast uses ordinary polystyrene to produce the hair brush product.

One of the most important advantages of producing a hair brush with this polymer is its anti-electricity.

This synthetic polymer is used for general purposes and has several advantages, including:

  • Has good heat resistance
  • Has good impact strength
  • Has dielectric properties

The brand name of polystyrene in the Iranian market is crystal.


Polyethylene is a thermoplastic plastic and is obtained by polymerizing ethylene gas. This plastic has a very simple structure, so it is easier than all commercial polymers.

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